UNOX Combi Oven Demo

Here is the long-awaited post about our UNOX Combi Oven demo a couple of weekends ago! It was two full days of learning and test cooking for our customers and us.

All thanks to our customer, Jennie, for the delicious fresh durian puffs!

Before I begin with posting the photos from the demonstration, here is a summary of the most frequently asked question - what exactly is a combi oven?

 A commercial combi oven is:

- an oven that allows you to cook in steam mode, convection mode and combination mode.

- an oven that allows you to control the exact amount of steam being injected into the oven.

- an oven that requires water inlet for steaming and water outlet for drainage.

- an oven that allows you to programme cooking steps and recipes.

We began with steaming some vegetables, fish and chicken. The carrots were totally SWEET, with unaltered tastes and colours. Unfortunately...I forgot to take pictures of the food.

Next, we moved on to grilling. We used UNOX's patented Fakiro grill pan for this and cooked chicken, steak, prawns and aubergine, concurrently with the Multi-time mode. Multi-time mode allows you to cook several types of food simultaneously as long as the cooking temperature is the same. With Multi-time mode, you can set up to nine different timings for your various food products. Once the cooking time is reached for a particular food, the oven will beep to signal for you to remove it from the oven while you leave the rest to continue to cook.


There was no transfer of taste despite grilling the different food products at the same time!

Some of our customers have asked if it is even possible to bake pizza in the UNOX convection/combi ovens because the maximum temperature for most of the models are between 260°C and 300°C. As you would know, pizza ovens typically have temperatures up to 350°C. Here you will see that with UNOX's patented Fakiro pans, baking a pizza only takes 4 mins at 220°C.

Next up, we moved on to pastry baking. One of our customers tried her choux pastry recipe and bingo, they were great!

They were extremely light and fluffy, rising very well. With UNOX's Air.Maxi and Dry.Maxi technology, air is perfectly distributed inside the oven cavity and humidity can be rapidly extracted to ensure a dry and well-structured finished product. You can see the uniformity of the baking results, despite where the pastry is placed. Note that this is done without swapping the tray levels or rotating the pans at all! Baked with 100% Dry.Maxi, the choux pastry delivered excellent fluff and dryness within.

We ended the day with...delicious roast pork belly! All ChefTop combi ovens are equipped with a probe that allows you to monitor the temperature of the food.

For the roast pork belly, we used the probe to determine the time needed to slow roast it before moving on to roast it at high temperature and 100% Dry.Maxi for 20 minutes so that any moisture left in the skin can be completely extracted to ensure absolute crispiness.

And...we were so excited to eat the roast pork belly that I forgot to take photos...

If you are interested in future demos, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will let you know when the next session will be held.

Apart from these, here are some photos of what chefs are cooking with their UNOX combi ovens: