Cleaning & Maintenance of Refrigerating Equipment

Just like your domestic appliances, commercial kitchen equipment requires regular maintenance and cleaning for the best efficiency. Many Food & Beverage (F&B) operators neglect one of the most important tasks of their operations - to clean the condenser of their commercial refrigerators. In order to maintain the constant efficiency of refrigerators, it is recommended that operators clean the refrigerators' condensers once to twice a month.

Why Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning is Needed?

Your commercial refrigeration and food service kitchen equipment is vital to your business – keeping your food products, meal ingredients, and beverages fresh and safe. It is very necessary to perform regular cleaning and maintenance. Protect your investment and ensure that you are getting the best performance out of your equipment.

Benefits of regular cleaning and maintenance:

- Food safety and cleanliness

- Lower energy consumption

- Prevention of breakdowns

- Reliability and longevity

- Uninterrupted business

Follow the steps below to clean your refrigerator condensers:

1.       Turn off the chiller or freezer and remove the plug from the socket.

2.       Reach for the condensate tray and clear it periodically.

3.       Prepare a box and a damp cloth. Place the damp cloth inside the box to catch and keep the dust and debris in.

4.       Remove the protective cover.

5.   Clean the surface of the condenser with a vacuum cleaner and inner evaporator with a bristle (non-wire) brush.

6.       Wipe off the grill cover of the condenser and inner evaporator with a dry cloth.

7.       Reinsert the condensate tray into the specific slot.

These are simple steps to clean the condenser and inner evaporator. Please note that the cleaning of the refrigerating engine and compressor area requires the intervention of a skilled technician and operators should not attempt to do these by themselves.

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