KOLB Atoll Speed Oven Demo on 13 Feb 12 (Mon) 10am

KOLB will be conducting an Atoll Speed Oven Demo on 13 Feb 12 (Mon) at 10am in our Tanjong Katong showroom. You are invited to attend the demo and bring your food items to test in the Speed Oven.

Atoll Speed Oven combines microwave and convection technology to bring you speed cooking, baking and heating up capabilities. You can even achieve crispy results on your food by simply adjusting the air within the oven cavity. The higher the air power, the faster you get your desired result!

Sample Cooking Timing:

Frozen Muffin - 35 sec

Fresh Lasagne - 2 min 30 sec


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Rich Chocolate Cake

Hello! I'm back after a short break. My latest attempt...Rich Chocolate Cake made with killer Valrhona semi-sweet chocolate and topped with chopped hazelnuts.

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