Oven Guide

We have had many home users asking us the differences between the various types of ovens in the market. Now, here is a simple summary of the differences between the types of ovens.

Oven Comparison Table

Convection ovens and microwave ovens are the most common types of ovens you see these days. Microwave ovens are typically used to reheat or defrost food in home or commercial kitchens. However, many chefs, if given the choice, will still prefer to thaw food naturally, than in a microwave oven because the high frequency radiation will cause loss of moisture in food. 

Many of you will argue that your convection oven is unable to cook or bake more evenly than a conventional oven. That is likely because, your convection oven, despite using a fan, is not powerful enough to circulate the hot air quickly and evenly within the cavity or it does not heat the air to a uniform temperature before blowing into the oven. This results in the centre food being cooked while the ones placed on the sides or bottom remains half-cooked. The lack of power is also one of the contributing factors that affects your ability to bake four trays at one go. Therefore, in theory, it is true that the convectional method is able to eliminate all hot spots within an oven's cavity but in reality, is your convection oven powerful or good enough to circulate the hot air evenly?

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