New Shipment of Refrigerating Equipment from Italy!

We are excited to share that our new shipment of refrigerating equipment from SAGI, Italy has arrived!

Featuring excellent anti-fingerprint steel, 55-75mm insulation and beautiful LED lightings (for upright refrigerating display only), these are great for your commercial kitchens.

Visit our showroom now for a peek of the beautiful LUXOR, SAGI upright cake/chocolate/ice cream displays!

Oven Guide

We have had many home users asking us the differences between the various types of ovens in the market. Now, here is a simple summary of the differences between the types of ovens.

Oven Comparison Table

An Introduction to Panini

A 3 Step Guide to a Panini Sandwich Press


1) First of all, You have to learn how to select a good Panini machine. Click on How to Choose A Good Panini ?  for some buying tips.


2) Recipes. Click on the image below to link to the PaniniHappy website which has many delightful recipes:



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