Things to Consider Before Purchasing Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

Good restaurant kitchen equipment is an investment to ensure the quality of food and services you offer to your customers. This is why it is important to do your research so you can be confident that you are purchasing what you exactly need. Here are some useful points to consider before investing in the right restaurant kitchen equipment.


1. Quality

Before buying commercial kitchen equipment, it is always advisable to view it in person. Being on-site can help you determine the quality of the kitchen equipment and if it can function properly as the manufacturer intended. 


If you are intending to purchase the restaurant kitchen equipment without viewing, inspect them upon delivery to ensure that all pieces are in place and in working order. There are cases when it is the transport provider and not the manufacturer, that is responsible for damaging the equipment you ordered. In such situations, be sure to contact the transport provider for information on how to replace or repair the kitchen equipment.


2. Space Consideration

You should always keep the space limitations of your kitchen in mind when purchasing restaurant kitchen equipment. Without considering how much space the new equipment will take up, your kitchen can easily become too cluttered. Many equipments, especially refrigeration equipment, require proper ventilation to maintain appropriate temperatures. An overcrowded space would not only hinder workflow, but it will also cause refrigeration equipment to break down easily.


3. Ease of usage and cleaning

Another good consideration to make when choosing which restaurant kitchen equipment to buy is if they can be easily used and maintained. Kitchen operations can get very hectic, especially during peak hours. Commercial kitchen equipment that is easy to use, clean and well-maintained would not only increase the efficiency of staff but also boost their morale. For instance, consider combi ovens with automated washing systems or refrigeration with automatic defrost systems.


4. Pricing

Pricing is arguably one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing new restaurant kitchen equipment. Keep in mind the purpose of the equipment. Invest in a quality one if the equipment is core equipment for which you have no backup. The cost of repairs, downtime, and operations disruptions during an equipment breakdown may add up. Always consider an equipment’s value (price vs quality) to avoid hefty kitchen equipment repair.


5. Warranties

Before investing in commercial kitchen equipment, you should compare the warranty terms from different suppliers. Learn about the inclusions and exclusions of the warranty terms that each company offers. Pay attention to the regular maintenance needed and what can potentially void the warranty.


Through comparing such variables, you will be able to get a better gauge on which equipment is worth their price and the warranty they offer.


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