Vacuum Packaging Machine

The much anticipated Vacuum Packaging Machine from SIRMAN, Italy, has arrived!

Featuring top-end German brand Bush pump, the vacuum packaging equipment is a must-have for commercial kitchens doing Sous vide cooking.

The compact yet efficient vacuum packaging machine is available in 3 sizes.


French Macarons in Convection Oven

Macarons are sweet lil' things made with just three ingredients: egg whites, ground almond and sugar. Sounds easy? Not quite. There is the issue of overmixing to worry about, the uncertainty of whether the 'feet' develops/is right etc etc.

One of the common questions our customers ask us is "Can you use a convection oven to bake macarons?"

I say......"YES!" I decided to try it out myself to dispel any believes that macarons can only be baked in conventional/deck oven.

Pardon the poor-photos because they are taken with my mobile phone but here are the yummy French macarons fresh from UNOX convection oven:

New Shipment of Refrigerating Equipment from Italy!

We are excited to share that our new shipment of refrigerating equipment from SAGI, Italy has arrived!

Featuring excellent anti-fingerprint steel, 55-75mm insulation and beautiful LED lightings (for upright refrigerating display only), these are great for your commercial kitchens.

Visit our showroom now for a peek of the beautiful LUXOR, SAGI upright cake/chocolate/ice cream displays!

Food Hygiene

Sourcing for location, food equipment, kitchenware and furniture and fittings are part and parcel of setting up a food establishment. These may be daunting at first but they eventually take a back seat once you have your food business running.

However, one issue that is often neglected by first-time owners is the action plan and costs to maintain a high standard of food hygiene in food establishments. In Singapore, NEA regulates the food retail industry to ensure that food sold at retail outlets is prepared hygienically and safe for consumption. Food establishments are subject to grading under the Grading System for Eating Establishments and Food Stalls. All food retail establishments are assessed based on the overall hygiene, cleanliness and housekeeping standards of their premises.