Angelo Po Four Burner Gas Boiling Top - 1G0FA0B

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Brand: Angelo Po
  • Four burner gas boiling top with Ø 110 mm double crown burner cap.
  • Top burners, burner caps and pan grid constructed in RAAF enamelled cast iron. 
  • Special angle of flame ensures high output and optimum heat distribution.
  • Water-tight pressed form with pilot light protected against accidental liquid spill.
  • Distance between pan bottom on grid and base of burner surround 116 mm.
  • Top burners and burner caps removable by hand for cleaning.
  • Special Venturi tube inclined in order to avoid injector plugging.
  • Height of grid over top optimised for adequate air supply to burners even with large pans and top fully occupied with burners at full output.
  • Front/rear burner control signs moulded into control panel itself for unalterable, easy-to-read indications.
  • Heat-resistant knobs with screen printed markings and reference index printed on control console.
  • Optionals: fire-proof reduction disc allowing indirect cooking; ribbed or smooth radiant plates.
  • Access to all parts through control panel, easily removable.
  • Dimensions (mm): 700 (W) x 700 (D) x 240 (H)
  • Gas Power: 24kW (4 x 6kW)/BTU 75,064
  • Net Weight (kg): 43
  • Country of Origin: Italy