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IceTeam, BIB Soft Serve Machine
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Floor Standing Pump-Fed 2+1 Flavour Soft Serve Machine - 603BIB

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Brand: IceTeam
  • 2+1 flavour high capacity pump-fed soft serve machine
  • High power machine that has faster recovery time than P-series soft serve machines, to allow more portions to be dispensed per minute.
  • Suitable for production of swirl ice cream, soft serve and yoghurts
  • Programmable for daily turn on and turn off at pre-set timings thereby improving productivity and saving electricity
  • Premium electronic system grants a perfect structure, providing an instant and accurate consistency and portion control
  • Patented peristaltic pump transfers the gelato mix and air from teh tank through compression tubes to achieve high increase in overrun, grants high productivity and easy maintenance
  • Easy to assemble and minimal parts which require only once a month disassembly for cleaning unlike most other soft serve machines in teh market which require daily disassembly of over 25 parts for cleaning¬†
  • Patented peristaltic pump works only when production is necessary thereby reducing electricity consumption
  • GPRS-based dialog system for remote assistance and monitoring
  • Equipped with wheels for easy transportation
  • Power: 5kW
  • Voltage: 400V/3Ph/50Hz
  • Production Capacity: 12+12Lt
  • Dimensions (mm): 540 x 800 (D) x 1630 (H)¬†
  • Weight: 325kg