How do I apply?
Please apply online or call 67490010.
What documents do I have to submit to apply?
Please submit the following:
  • Application Form
  • NRIC copy of all Directors/Partners/Sole Proprietor/Guarantors
  • ACRA Business Profile (retrieved within last 2 months)
  • Tenancy Agreement as Proof of Operating Address
How long will it take for you to process my application?
We will process your application within 1 working day upon complete submission of all necessary documents. We will then call or email you to inform you of your application outcome.
Do I have to choose my list of equipment before applying?
No. You can submit your application form with necessary documents first to receive a pre-approved budget.
What if you do not carry the type of commercial kitchen equipment that I want?
If you do not find the type of commercial kitchen equipment you need on our website, please email us and we will review your request.

We work very closely with our principals to bring the best range of equipment to you. Unfortunately, we are unable to accede to specific brand requests if we already have the type of equipment available among our brands.
How often do I pay?
We collect weekly payments by GIRO or credit card.
How do I pay?
We accept two payment modes:

You will be required to sign a Direct Debit Authorisation form upon endorsement of the Leasing Agreement to authorise our company to collect weekly payments from your designated bank account. There is no processing fee for this payment method. However, each failed transaction will incur an administrative charge of S$40.

Credit Cards
You will make weekly payments through credit card. A 3% processing fee per transaction will apply. E.g. if your weekly payment is $85.60 (incl GST), you will be charged S$88.17 each week. Each failed transaction will incur an administrative charge of S$8.
What happens after 12 months?
Our team will contact you at least 6 weeks before the expiry of your agreement. You can choose to:
  • Purchase the equipment and receive 75% rental rebate; or
  • Renew your agreement with 25% lower purchase price and weekly payments.
Will my automation equipment still qualify for Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC)?
Automation Equipment leased for your business will qualify for PIC if the equipment is not onward leased to another party during the same basis period. Expenditure on both the purchase and lease of PIC IT and Automation Equipment will be capped under one activity.
What happens if my equipment breaks down?
We will assess the cause of breakdown and take care of all equipment repairs and costs arising from manufacturing defects. You will not have to pay anything unless the breakdown is caused by misuse, negligence (including lack of proper cleaning), accident or power surges at your installation site.

For wear and tear parts, we will replace the parts as and when our technical team deems necessary and shall be limited to a maximum of one replacement per part per year.

From time to time, our technical team may also determine an equipment to be Beyond Economical Repair. In this case, the lease will be terminated with no penaltycosts. 

The above terms apply only for service calls and repair works performed during working days between 9am and 5.30pm. For all after-hours service requests, a flat after-hours service fee of S$214 (incl GST) applies.
What should I do if my equipment breaks down?
Please call our office at 67490010 during regular hours. For after-hours assistance, please send a whatsapp or text message to 86990010.